Saturday, October 2, 2010


I have watched endhiran today with lot of expectations but the movie was highly disappointed me.
The movie was technically sounds high but story wise its nothing. I think shanker did this movie with the normal tamil story line and hollywood standard CG works and all.. All the scenes were predictable. We can find many logical holes in the movie for ex DR.vaseegaran(super star) creating the robot for about 10 years after completing Doctorate but he is still loving college student sana. After removing the red chip the movie ends there itself but still the irritating court climax was sucks we didn't this from the director like shanker.
The first half half of the movie was entertained well but its not necessary for the robot establishment scenes throughout the 1st half. There is no use for the casting of santhanam, karunaas and too many characters in the movie(including sabu sril and all) and coming to the second half the villan robot(chitti 2.0) was enjoyable rajini kanth acted very well in that it remind the old rajini kanth who can act extremely well. This is not the pure sc-fi movie.In tamil cinema only robots also fall in love,dancing for the duet songs. Other the script everything was superb in the movie, rajini kanth's acting, rathanavelu camera works, Rahman's music, Sabu sril's art direction and most importantly Hollywood companies CG works. But shanker has to understand that he has to give the equal importance to the scripts as like the technical aspects.
They said this is hollywood standard movie but i cant understand what is hollywood standard?..
Its not just the CG works(even all the CG works was done by the hollywood technicians so the movie was technically in hollywood standard) and technical aspect the hollywood standard script can only produce hollywood standard movies..
I hope the directors like maniratnam,bala and selvaragavan can come up with hollywood standard movies but not shanker expect boys he was doing the same story line till endhiran.
I hope atleast after 3 idiots he can come up with type of scripts which contains lot of research works in it..